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Poway News Chieftain
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English Country Dancers watch their steps.

English Country Dance might be making a huge comeback -- thanks to the newly-released "Pride And Prejudice" movie based on writer Jane Austen's book... ...

During Sunday's introduction of "Dubin Bay," which isn't a standard and had some intricate moves, dancers met the challenge with lots of smiles and giggles... ...

One male dancer said that he was quite surprised that this style of dance isn't "fru fru," or too formal, which is the main reason that he keeps returning to the Poway studio...

North County Times
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English Country Dance alive in North County.

Have you heard the terms "poussette" or "hey on the left?" It's hard to believe that the word "maggot" has a place among beautiful ball gowns, tuxedos, nobility and violins. In fact, "maggot" means "favorite" when talking about English country dance.

English country dancing, or Renaissance dancing, began in the days of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. By 1650, it had become the "swing dance" of medieval times. It has been featured in movies such as Jane Austen's "Sense and Sensibility" and "The Man in the Iron Mask."

San Diego Union-Tribune
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Having a ball.

Delicate strains of music filled the Sunday night air, bringing to mind formal balls of centuries past. Men and women lined up in two rows facing each other. Stepping forward, they touched hands, turned and dipped with grace and flourish, seeming to float as they changed partners.

Poway News Chieftain
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Librarian shares passion for
English Country Dance

Ellen Riley, the Poway children's librarian, has a not-so-secret passion for English folk dancing...Riley admitted to her penchant for reeling people into learning English country dance, which is a type of elaborate line dance originally started in 16th-century England. So far, she has succeeded in attracting people as far north as Carlsbad and as far south as Chula Vista.