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Our Sunday night dances take place from 6 to 8 p.m. at Rancho Bernardo Swim and Tennis Club; see our complete admission schedule below for information on discounted admission prices. Also be sure to mark your calendars for the special events noted below. Where necessary, further information regarding these events is provided in the Special Events section below.


Local callers and recorded music Guest callers and/or live music (and links thereto) Special events and announcements (and links thereto)

November 2022

Thu., Nov. 03 Zoom at 7 pm, Martha Wild $*

Thu., Nov. 10 Zoom at 7 pm, Sharon Green $*

Sun, Nov. 13 Judee Pronovost and Martha Wild  •  Recorded music $10

Thu., Nov. 17 Zoom at 7 pm, Judee Pronovost $*

Thu., Nov. 24 No Zoom Meeting ... Thanksgiving Day $*

Sun, Nov. 27 Ellen, Ellie and Frannie  •  Recorded music $10

December 2022

Sun, Dec. 11 Jimmy Akin and Frannie Marr  •  Recorded music $10

Sun, Dec. 25 No Dance ... Christmas Day $*

In-Person dancing returns on 2nd and 4th Sundays.

Vaccination and at least 1 booster required.

No symptoms during the prior week.

Mask while indoors.

Notify if you test positive or have symptoms after a dance.

SDECD Zoom meetings/dances -- Usually Thursday nights at 7 PM

Send your email address to Rich at --> info "at-sign" <--

to be added to (or removed from) the weekly email invitation.

Special Events -- May Fair Ball rescheduled for 2023.

The San Diego May Faire Ball for 2022 has been cancelled.

Hopefully Saturday, May 6th, 2023 at Soledad Club

.. the Caller TBD

.. the Band TBD

Sunday Night SDECD Admission Schedule